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  • Banking Fees

    Cashier's Check


    Money Order Reissue


    Cashier’s Check (non-customer)


    Return NSF Check (per check)


    $165 max per day**

    Cashier’s Check Reissue


    Overdrafts (per check)


    $165 max per day**

    Mobile Banking Deposit


    Overdrawn over 6 consecutive days

    $5.00 per day

    Gift Card


    Close Account within 90 days of opening


    Travel Card


    Dormant Account*

    $3.00 per month

    Reload Fee for Travel Card




    Counter Checks

    $5.00 per page

    Charge Off Account Fee


    Money Orders


    *Fee will be assessed to deposit accounts the bank has lost contact with and have not had a customer-originated transaction for two years.

    **Consumer accounts only.

  • Service Fees
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

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